Friday, May 3, 2013

Summer is almost here - Vacation with your own Pillow - Carrying it in a My Pillow Pack

My Pillow Pack is a fun and stylish way to carry your pillow! It was created out of a necessity. There needed to be an easier way to carry your pillow while traveling, and the      My Pillow Pack is just that! You are always able to enjoy a bit of comfort from home while traveling.

The World is your playground -
 My Pillow Pack wants to know if you are ready to get out there and Travel –
 Create your memories follow your dreams?
 when traveling the world  - we want you to have a good night’s sleep -

With this thought came patent pending / copyrighted  
Which can be purchased at

Traveling the World can be different  for each of us -

2 year old  going to Grandparents
 6 year old  sleep over at a friends
 8 year old summer camp,
 Others it can be sporting events, class trips, ski trips – family car rides – girl or boy scouts - weekends at the Beach

How many of us through airports see people carrying their own pillow –
Our pillow is special to us –

It has been medically proven you sleep better with your own pillow

Imagine a sturdy personalized pillow case with back pack straps

For a fun stylish easy way to carry your pillow

We have put straps on the back to wear as a back pack  or so a mom can hook it on a stroller

 The idea behind it is to keep your pillow case and pillow clean

 We have different sizes –
 Our smallest one that even a 2 year old can carry
 To our standard size that my daughters find to be the most comfortable for them
 To a special orders
 You can purchase a My Pillow Pack at

Priced from 19.99 – 39.99 you can also have it personalized for an additional charge.

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Share with us where your My Pillow Pack is taking you – on your adventures

 Our goal is after a fun day of traveling where your dreams are coming true and all the memories are being made - You lay your head on your pillow for a good night’s sleep to be refreshed for a new day of adventure