Sunday, June 23, 2013

Please Vote for My Pillow Pack to make it - America’s Top Product Invention

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Please Vote for My Pillow Pack at My Cool Inventions!
A Fun  Stylish Way to Carry Your Pillow
If you do not use the above link, please do the following:
1.     Go to
2.    Hit Genesis (a pull down tab) and choose “Invention Directory”
3.    Hit the M and go to My Pillow Pack
4.     Add product to cart and go through the checkout process to vote.
5.    Remember: The invention is NOT for sale. Your mock purchase of this item counts as one vote towards the success of this Invention during the Genesis Search for America's Top Invention contest.
6.     You will NOT be asked to enter your credit card information. Your name and address are used so that voting is fair and honest. Your personal information will not be used for anything other than that.
7.    There is the opportunity to opt-in for our newsletter and special offers from our store. That will be your choice and not an automatic opt-in.
8.    I have in an e-mail a guarantee your information will stay private.
Thank you for your support  
To purchase your own go to
My Pillow Pack is Patent Pending and Copyrighted


Your pillow is special to us. Keep an eye out for our app to share your adventure with us!
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Friday, May 3, 2013

Summer is almost here - Vacation with your own Pillow - Carrying it in a My Pillow Pack

My Pillow Pack is a fun and stylish way to carry your pillow! It was created out of a necessity. There needed to be an easier way to carry your pillow while traveling, and the      My Pillow Pack is just that! You are always able to enjoy a bit of comfort from home while traveling.

The World is your playground -
 My Pillow Pack wants to know if you are ready to get out there and Travel –
 Create your memories follow your dreams?
 when traveling the world  - we want you to have a good night’s sleep -

With this thought came patent pending / copyrighted  
Which can be purchased at

Traveling the World can be different  for each of us -

2 year old  going to Grandparents
 6 year old  sleep over at a friends
 8 year old summer camp,
 Others it can be sporting events, class trips, ski trips – family car rides – girl or boy scouts - weekends at the Beach

How many of us through airports see people carrying their own pillow –
Our pillow is special to us –

It has been medically proven you sleep better with your own pillow

Imagine a sturdy personalized pillow case with back pack straps

For a fun stylish easy way to carry your pillow

We have put straps on the back to wear as a back pack  or so a mom can hook it on a stroller

 The idea behind it is to keep your pillow case and pillow clean

 We have different sizes –
 Our smallest one that even a 2 year old can carry
 To our standard size that my daughters find to be the most comfortable for them
 To a special orders
 You can purchase a My Pillow Pack at

Priced from 19.99 – 39.99 you can also have it personalized for an additional charge.

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Share with us where your My Pillow Pack is taking you – on your adventures

 Our goal is after a fun day of traveling where your dreams are coming true and all the memories are being made - You lay your head on your pillow for a good night’s sleep to be refreshed for a new day of adventure

Monday, March 18, 2013

Spring Break 2013 - Where will you be going

Where will you be traveling for Spring Break?
Will you be carrying your Pillow?

Remember to get a My Pillow Pack to take with you to keep your Pillow and Pillow case clean !!!

Go to